Is PlayerCoach for you?

  • Are you goal-driven?
  • Do you want to be able to track your progress?
  • Is it important for you to set clear objectives for your practices?
  • Could you benefit from writing down post practice reflections?
  • Would you want to compare your performance data with averages across ages and levels?

PlayerCoach provides the tools for you and your coach to set a clear direction and maintain focus in your work on and off the court.

Players, maximize your training!

Your training and learning should not stop when you leave the court! There is so much more to this sport than hitting a ball, and we have designed a tool to help you get the most out of your on court efforts.

Integrated Scheduler


Your PlayerCoach Scheduler is more than just a planner. It connects you with your coaches so that you can share practices and simplify scheduling

Active goal management


Don't set and forget! We believe in the value of constantly interacting with your goals, assign process goals to your practices, and track how much practice time you are devoting to each goal.

Standard Declarations


As goals become standards, we encourage you to write down your standards, and give you the opportunity to rate yourself at the end of each practice.

Practice Log (Pre/Post)


Have a pre-practice plan, with process goals you'd like to work towards, standards you will hold yourself accountable to, requests for your coach, as well as a post practice writeup where you can rate your performance, write down things you learned, and send yourself ideas for your next practice.


PREMIUM Coming Soon

Warm-up routines, self-help drills, yoga videos, fitness programs, mental routines, meditation videos and much more.


PREMIUM Coming Soon

We give your coach the ability to assign work to do between practices to keep you engaged and learning.

Coaches, become mentors!

PlayerCoach will drastically reduce time spent on managerial duties so that you can focus on your athletes, and provide you with the tools to deliver your coaching in the most professional and effective manner.

Integrated Scheduler


Your PlayerCoach Scheduler will run your business for you, so that you can focus on your coaching. Best of all, our scheduler is and always will be free, for both players and coaches!

Sharing is caring!

Whether it's homework, or just suggested reading, add resources to PlayerCoach, set their privacy, and easily share them with your players.

Resource bank

Alternatively, you can use any of the resources that have been added by thousands of other coaches and publicly available.

Practice Planner


Drag and drop drills to quickly whip up a suitable plan for any practice. Use our mobile app to manage your time during practices.

Periodization module

Create and maintain annual plans for your players, and access this information into your weekly scheduler view and your practice planner.

Digital Distribution Platform

If you would like to sell a training program or a resource, PlayerCoach we would love to host it and market it to our members.


Coaches can use PlayerCoach for FREE to manage their players. Players can choose between the following two plans:

FREE plan

  • Full use of scheduler
  • Purchase training products
  • Messenger
  • Coach assessments
  • 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need PlayerCoach? What exactly does it do for me?

The science of education is now in consesus on the importance of deliberate practice.

It is not the amount of hours spent, the number of stroke repetitions, but the mental involvement of the player in understanding the game and his/her practices.

PlayerCoach helps players identify what they are working on, journal their experiences, and measure their progress in order to help them own their practices.

What age and level is PlayerCoach best for?

It is apparent that the lower the level, and the younger the player, the more useful PlayerCoach could be.

However, that is only so because those players are on a steeper learning curve. Any player who is trying to make a significant change in their game will benefit from using PlayerCoach to manage this change.

Do both players and coaches have to pay for premium membership?

No. Coaches use the tool for free. If the player is a premium member, the coach will be able to use all premium features when interracting with that player.

Both parties can use this tool for free to manage scheduling of lessons and communicate with each other.

What is the refund policy ?

Our service is meant to increase your involvement in your learning, not take your money when you feel inspired and then watch you forget about it for the rest of the year.

If you do not enter any information into PlayerCoach, you can request your money back for the period.

Furthermore, we will send Premium accounts that have very low or no activity emails to remind them of the option of cancelling if they do not have the time or energy to use the service.

Lastly, we allow you to put your premium membership on hold, if you foresee a period where you will not be using PlayerCoach. The limitations are: the break has to be at least 10 days, at most 3 months, and cannot be less than 3 months since the end of your last break.

What happens to my data when I cancel my Premium membership, or when I put my account on hold ?

By not having your premium account up to date, you lose the ability to interract with the data, but not the data itself.

Any data that you enter into PlayerCoach belongs to you.

At any point, if you would like us to delete your account permanently, we will honor your request.

Otherwise, your data will live in our system for as long as PlayerCoach will remain in operation, and you will be able to download any or all of it at any point.

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